Let’s get this right. Michael Brown is disrespectfully ordered to “get out of the street” and was subsequently shot down for not doing so. In the days following, grieving protestors are ordered to “get out of the street” (just like Brown) and were subsequently fired upon by police using military weaponry. Look at the correlation. The death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, the result of an NYPD officer’s chokehold, is symbolic of the chokehold that Black America feels from systematic injustice. The death of Trayvon Martin, Ezell Ford, Oscar Grant and countless others are symbolic of the death of trust between Black America and America’s justice system. Through the selfie of Ferguson, America is communicating its evident disrespect, disregard and devaluation for the basic rights and the very lives of Black people 459 years after our forefathers stepped off the first slave ship in Jamestown, VA. She is communicating the slogan popularized by rapper Drake, now used as a tagline to describe life in America for Black people: #NeverLovedUs….#NeverWill.

Brother Jesse Blog: Ferguson, Missouri: “America’s Selfie” (via aboriginalnewswire)

Nixon’s language also begs the question: What is he testing? Whether Black Americans can behave well enough to be rewarded with respect? Whether they can follow directions to stay home during curfew, and thereby merit the rights they are accorded as fellow humans? Whether they can be ‘good’ citizens and stop vocalizing their outrage, and then the police force might address its trigger-happy tendencies? The problem with all these scenarios (aside from being nauseatingly condescending) is that they predicate the implementation of rights on ‘good’ behavior—a behavior determined by those in power. This is a tactic frequently used by Israel against Palestinians—most recently during negotiations to lift the seven-year blockade Israel and Egypt are imposing on the Palestinians of Gaza. Israel maintains that there must be ‘quiet’ and their security needs met before beginning to discuss Palestinian demands of opening the borders, rebuilding Gaza’s economy, and prisoner release. The contingency of justice on good behavior is a dangerous thing. This predication moves a ‘right’ from being a set of conditions granted to everyone, by virtue of their being human, to a set of conditions that are awarded, conferred, earned, and given. They are debatable; a privilege to be taken away due to bad behavior. They are conditional.

No justice, no peace — in Gaza or Ferguson (via aboriginalnewswire)

‎”Black Power isn’t racist. It’s a proactive response to racism. The Black Panthers were never a Black version of the KKK.

Do your homework” - Black Knowledge (via dirtybubblez)

People not understanding this are the most annoying people in the world

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Nor were they terrorist 

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Tariq Nasheed is an ashy misogynist. Anyone who has been in the Black Twittosphere for awhile should know. There are other people who y’all could be signal boosting who are less FUCKED up. 


Tariq Nasheed is an ashy misogynist. Anyone who has been in the Black Twittosphere for awhile should know. There are other people who y’all could be signal boosting who are less FUCKED up. 

New Black be like: But what about black on black crime?
Answer: What about white on white crime… 84% of crimes committed against whites are by whites. Why is this a stat you do not know? It’s called propaganda. And why do you only bring this up when a white person, particularly a cop, kills a young brotha or sista?

New Black be like: Why dont black people march or protest when it’s black on black?
Answer: We do. There are protests… marches… rallies… vigils… YOU just don’t see it because the news doesn’t cover it.

New Black be like: But we are all one people underneath it all.
Answer: Then why don’t white kids wallets look like guns? Why do white kids get due process when they commit crimes? Why aren’t white kids killed by cops every 28 hours?



People always wanna put in their two cents with black-on-black crimes to justify a black person being killed by a white guy, like we’re the only race that kills one another. Yall must not watch the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel cause there’s a shitload of white-on-white crimes.

Deadass though



Stop with this “black on black crime” rhetoric. How many whites are murdered by whites? Do you hear “white on white crime?” Studies show, most victims of violent crimes and offenders share a racial identity, or some form of prior relationship and proximity. Violent crimes aren’t as random as…